2011-03-30 22:42:26 by Vilevampress

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night/whatev er time appropriate greeting.

I'm always on NG, but my main thing isn't animation or even art, It's music! I submitted a Song from my Band, Circadian Clock, onto the Audio portal, and hopefully that goes through soon, It's been quite some number of days, and I'm quite impatient, but it looks as if I don't really have any say in the matter, hm?

I would love you all forever if you Checked out my band at CircadianClock.net

Or if you're too lazy, just Load this video! IT'S AWESOME!

Like us on FB for love points!
http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Circa dian-Clock/145077068873283

That's all!
~Vile, out!

first submitted flash

2008-04-27 14:17:23 by Vilevampress

ooh, i'm so excited! i've been on newgrounds for years and i've always wanted to submit something good! this is the first thing i've ever submitted. I hope this turns out well!