Entry #2


2011-03-30 22:42:26 by Vilevampress

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night/whatev er time appropriate greeting.

I'm always on NG, but my main thing isn't animation or even art, It's music! I submitted a Song from my Band, Circadian Clock, onto the Audio portal, and hopefully that goes through soon, It's been quite some number of days, and I'm quite impatient, but it looks as if I don't really have any say in the matter, hm?

I would love you all forever if you Checked out my band at CircadianClock.net

Or if you're too lazy, just Load this video! IT'S AWESOME!

Like us on FB for love points!
http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Circa dian-Clock/145077068873283

That's all!
~Vile, out!


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2011-03-30 23:19:34

Sounds really good. I thought the vocals could have been a little louder though. Kinda hard to hear at times. Do you guys have an album or anything?

Vilevampress responds:

Thanks! We're still in the process of mixing and mastering this song actually, this version isn't finished xp. The vocals will be louder, with harmonies.
No, we don't have an official album out yet, but we will have a fully studio produced 3 song EP out before Summer, hopefully.
We do however, have some older unmixed and unedited songs from early 2009. They are quite unrepresentative of the band NOW, but you can listen to them on our website, www.circadianclock.net

Thanks for listening, btw! you rock!
*COUGH*You should totally tell all your friends about us*COUGH* where did that come from? ~looks around shiftily, fooling no-one~


2011-04-21 00:06:23

Alright, as soon as that EP hits, I'll check it out! I'm a pretty big fan or your style, so it'll probably make it's way onto my iPod eventually.